Upcoming 2016


On October 30, Leadership Member Jaden McDougald and YOD Board Chairman, Jon Lloyd will travel to Copenhagen, Denmark to represent our group at the 3 day International Positive Deviance Conference. Thanks to all of the support, Jaden was able to have his airfare covered and is now all booked for his trip. We will have updates directly from Denmark during this time period. 


Our group will be traveling to Washington DC on November 27th to visit the new African American Museum, National Air and Space Museum, Museum of Natural History, Museum of American History, MLK Memorial, etc. 


In early December, we will have our Operation Warm Project within Clairton Education Center. Through this project, quality, warm coats will be provided to the entire 2nd grade class. Students in this grade were absent frequently last year and many absences came during the winter months. Since it is a walking district with no busing and it can get pretty cold walking to school in the morning, our leadership group selected this as an issue for our group to address. Clairton is a city that struggles economically and almost 100% of the students qualify for free/reduced lunch. Stay tuned for updates.